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An Attorney Guiding You Through The Probate Process In Georgia

My name is Charles M. Hall, and I have more than 40 years of experience helping clients through the probate process in Georgia. As an experienced probate attorney, I can answer your questions and guide you through the process of administrating an estate, with or without a will.

Going To Probate Court

The probate process in Georgia is not as difficult as it is in some other states. Whether your loved one passed with or without a will, you will need to go to probate court. However, if the will was well-drafted, you will not need to continually seek court approval and appear before a judge.

It is important to have an attorney guide you through this process, regardless of how simple it may seem. I can help you notify potential beneficiaries, file and pay estate taxes, distribute estate assets and close out the estate.

Representation In Litigated Probate Disputes

During the probate process, you or a beneficiary may disagree with the way an estate is handled or wish to contest the validity of the will. If a dispute does arise, I can represent you and help protect your interests in negotiations and in litigated probate matters. I represent trustees, executors and representatives handling estates. I also assist beneficiaries in estate litigation.

There is a very short time frame in which to contest a will. Also, once you have consented to the will, you will no longer be able to contest the will’s validity. If you suspect the will is invalid, fraudulent or otherwise incorrect, it is important to speak with an experienced probate attorney as quickly as possible about your options.

Assistance With Guardianships And Conservatorships In Georgia Probate Court

In addition to handling estates and wills, the probate court also oversees guardianships and conservatorships. I represent guardians and conservators, and I can explain your rights and obligations in those roles.

The probate court does not often notify a guardian or conservator of a problem with fulfilling their obligations until there has been a complaint. This can be particularly problematic where there is a bond. Even if you have handled the guardianship or conservatorship correctly, you may owe money on the bond if you are unable to recreate records of your work.

You should seek advice from an attorney as soon as possible if you are a guardian or conservator. It may save you time and stress in the future. I can answer your questions about recordkeeping, help you with recordkeeping that will satisfy the probate court, and assist you with filing reports to the probate court to prevent future problems.

Handling Probate For Out-Of-State Clients

When a loved one dies in Georgia, it can be difficult to come into the state to handle probate matters and appear in court. It is possible for you to be appointed as executor and take the oath without having to appear in court in Georgia. I can help you take advantage of this process and administer the estate from another state.

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