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When a loved one dies, there are often many complicated matters to deal with for the surviving family members. Sometimes, during this difficult and stressful period, unexpected legal issues arise. Often, an experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate attorney is the only answer.

My name is Charles M. Hall, and I have been dealing with exactly these kinds of issues for over 40 years. I can help you quickly, personally, and discreetly with the many problems that may arise after your loved one’s death.

Need Help Contesting Or Interpreting A Loved One’s Will?

Sometimes it is necessary to contest a will. This can be for many reasons. Perhaps your loved one was very ill when he or she had the will drafted, and there is a question of whether he or she was actually competent when the will was reviewed and signed (lack of competency issue).

Sometimes there is an issue of undue influence, when someone is unexpectedly or disproportionately favored in the will that perhaps shouldn’t have been.

In other cases, the will is just very difficult to interpret, either because it was poorly drafted, because it is a very old will or because the witnesses to the original will can’t be found. There are many other problems that can arise that make it necessary to call on the legal knowledge and experience of a compassionate and caring lawyer.

I understand these problems. I have been dealing with exactly these issues for many years.

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For more than 40 years, clients in the Atlanta metro and beyond have relied on Charles M. Hall, P.C., for help with their probate litigation needs. I have helped literally thousands of clients, and I can help you, too. To schedule an appointment with me, call 404-865-1966 or send me an email.