Atlanta and Georgia Grocery Store Representation Attorney

Atlanta Attorney Providing Grocery Store Representation

For more than 40 years, the owners of grocery stores and small businesses have trusted their legal matters to me, Charles M. Hall. I am an experienced and dedicated lawyer who provides carefully tailored representation to grocery store clients who have one or several small or full size grocery stores located in Georgia, including around the Atlanta metro area.

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Georgia Alcohol Licensing Lawyer

One of the major areas of the law that affects small grocery stores and small businesses is alcohol licensing. Selling alcohol can be very lucrative for many stores. In order to legally sell alcohol, however, the proper paperwork must be completed and submitted to the local government and the State Department of Revenue. I review my clients’ situations, gather all pertinent information and submit the required paperwork in order to secure the proper licenses and assist the client at each step in the process.

Helping Clients With Contracts

I am thorough in my handling of contract matters, taking the time to review, draft and negotiate contracts whenever necessary. I also represent clients in disputes and litigation involving breach of contract, leasing agreements, contracts to buy or sell, and all other types of contracts.


In some situations, a grocery store may be facing legal issues regarding their acceptance of federal assistance programs such as SNAP (formerly referred to as food stamps) and WIC. I can examine these issues and determine the best way to proceed. I can also assist a store with obtaining a SNAP vendor authorization or WIC vendor authorization, or help a store fend off efforts to penalize or disqualify WIC vendors or SNAP vendors.

My grocery store and small business representation is not limited to alcohol licensing, SNAP licenses and the other issues discussed above. I am able to step in and represent small business and grocery store owners on a day-to-day basis. I consider myself outside in-house counsel and appreciate the ability to work with a diverse array of clients throughout the life of their business.

Please note, in addition to handling a wide range of issues for small grocery stores, I also represent convenience store owners in the same types of legal matters.

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